Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I'll Pastel My Way Out

Today I had an interview. I started off scared. I'm a little shy too. It's just me and the interviewer lady in the room. What's interesting was the more we talk, the more we realized that we have so many things in common. We shared our personal stories to the point that she laughed and apologized for not being professional. Overall, the interview ended dragging more time than it was planned to be with her telling me "I really enjoyed talking to you". So, to link the story to the outfit - I choose a formal button-up attitude because I like working on anything I want. The pastels and polka dots, because it reflects my soft spot of being a little shy but a deep desire to be a real woman like the one interviewing me -brave, courageous, full of laughter and eyes bright with life.


Bonnie said...

I bet you rocked that interview. Lovelovelove the print on this dress.

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Ms. Style Junkie said...

Adorable outfit!


Anonymous said...

Naw your outfit is COMPLETELY adorable and the interview certainly sounds like you nailed it! Sounds like you'll definately be hearing some good news off her lol :P


Lucie Srbová said...

I am pretty sure you were amazing during that interview!! And you DID look amazing!! Love your polka skirt so much and that little bow is beyond cuteness:)


June said...

I love the blouse and skirt on you! Super cute!

Izzy said...

haha sounds like the interview went really well! :P you made a real connection with the interviewer it seems. super cute outfit hon- I'm just so in love with your bottle green clutch, it's such a beautiful shade! it's amazing how everything was so cheap too! :)


mochaccinoland said...

don't know why your photos refused to show up on my computer. i refreshed the page twice.

i hope u get the job sweetie. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit! Wonderful! You look so pretty!
Thanks for your lovely comment! I love your style,and I follow you!


Julia said...

Great look! You do look very professional while still keeping some style! Hope you get the job!

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Junah Cagang said...

love the style :) very vintage .
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)


Sehar Bique said...

Oh you look so cute in that outfit! The polka dots, the baby colors <3

Your about me page is so interesting too :)
following you :) hope you follow me back!


Kathy Noto said...

Soo pretty dear! Love your style. Following you back. Hope your interview went well.


The Daydreamer said...

this pastel look is so darling,and I love it when you put on that red coat (really added such a contrast). looks like your interview went well. hope you'll get the job! <3

Nandia said...

Hey honey,thank you so much for your sweet comment!Good luck to your exams ;))You look fabulous with this outfit!i love your skirt!Im following you now!Hope to see you on my blog again!xxx nandia

jenni said...

Absolutely cute and adorable! And sounds like you had a change on being who you are at the interview, so great! Hope everything goes well!

Elly said...

love the polka dots! soo cute! :)