Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Belted Waist Isn't Easy

The outfit reminds me of a traditional Malay idiom which translated as "to belt your waist". It means to starve as much as one could because there's not much food or money left to buy something to eat. Well I am currently in those state of belting my waist. The allowance will be in in a few weeks and I do not have much left. But I think contented is what I'd add to my state. I have so much around me that is always keeping my chin up - rain on my windowpane, a warm shower, lovely text messages, friends I can count on, constant laughter in the house. In days like this, a belted waist isn't as horrible as I used to think. It's just a state where one experience the happiness in which money can't buy. But of course, when my money is in I will have to disagree with that hehe


Erika Fox said...

Such a cute bag !!
Thanks for the lovely comment & for following :)
Im now following back.


Suzzy J said...

I love your satchel! :)


Corner Curl Girl said...

You are cute as a button! I love your style and your blog! Thanks for the invite to read it! :)

Katie Aman said...

This is simply beautiful! I love your blouse and fun striped skirt. And that bag is gorgeous. Lovely photos too!

lia said...

cute skirt!

Lucie Srbová said...

Hello, my Chictopian friend!!! As I mentioned on Chictopia love your shoes so much!!! And the top is adorable:) Following you!!!§

Giuliana said...

you're a doll, impeccable taste.. loving the navy blouse!


Ms. Style Junkie said...

Cute shoes! Love the outfit

Tamara B said...

So Cute!! I love the shoes :)


Tamara B.

Elly said...

super cute outfit! :)

June said...

Love the skirt and bag and shoes!

Nadine Jasmine said...

Youre from Malaysia? Mee too!
Love the shoes btw!

xx jasmine

Seeking Style said...

Aw this outfit is really cute!

xo Jennifer

Jessica L. said...

So cute and colorful! I love it! Following you via Bloglovin! -Jessica


Jaspe H. said...

Hey there ! I found your blog via IFB :)

Let me say, I love your style ! SO ladylike, cute and put-together; keep it up!

I'm definately following you, feel free to follow back !



Claudia said...

Cute. xx

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